“I got more out of 3 conversations with Joshua than I did in over 2 years of therapy, and I’m a therapist! He helped me understand the REAL reasons for the affair and the things he suggests actually work!”
Margie B. Cincinnati, OH

“My wife cheated on me and I didn’t know what to do. I found Joshua and his Tribe and it changed everything. Before, my ex-wife had all the power and I was lost and confused about everything she said and did. But now I feel above it all and am moving on to better things. I’m dating an amazing new woman that I never would have met if I had been stuck in my past, and I’m becoming a better and better father to my two kids. I highly recommend the Tribe to anyone who has been cheated on.”
Mike E. Pittsburgh, PA

“Joshua provided me so much insight from a husband’s perspective that I never considered before, and knowledge that my girlfriends definitely don’t have any expertise in either! To see my marriage flourish again has tremendous value to me and I’d seriously pay whatever fee he charged; because an amazing marriage is my foundation for being a truly outstanding woman. Thanks Joshua!”
Renee B. Louisville, KY

Why did they do it?

How do I know the affair is really done?

How do I deal with the pain?

“From the first time I spoke with Joshua, his presence and knowledge really impressed me. Joshua has a gentle way of talking with you to where you know you could open up to him about anything and he would embrace it and help! He’s also very grounded and confident. It’s a pretty powerful combination of traits.”
Amber L. Tuscon, AZ

“During a ten minute conversation with Joshua, I literally had an epiphany!! I realized that after 19 years of marriage I honestly don’t communicate with my wife! Sure I talk to her, but now I make an effort to communicate, listen and convey my feelings to my soulmate!! I certainly took things for granted and felt the need to get back to my true LOVE for my wife!! THANKS JOSHUA!!!!”
Dr. Ron S. Covington, KY

“Josh makes me feel safe and comfortable to say anything, and that allows us to really get into that deep hidden layer that holds the treasure of a happy and healthy partnership. He deeply cares about what I’m going through with my relationships. This ability he has to connect is hugely powerful, and what makes him so easy to work with.”
Rebekah N. Chicago, IL

What if I don't want to "save my marriage"?

That’s entirely up to you. We’ll support you and give you everything you need, whether you intend to save your marriage, leave your marriage, or are still deciding. It’s not our job to tell you what you should do. We’ll help you find your own answers, and we’ll help you follow your own path in the most effective, efficient, and least painful way possible.

What if my spouse / partner doesn't want to work on things?

Even if your spouse or partner is not willing to take responsibility for their actions or work on their part of the relationship there is still a tremendous amount you can do on your own, and we will help with that. Regardless of how things in your relationship turn out the work you put into it will still pay off in the end. It will either help your spouse / partner to take ownership of their actions and the relationship to heal, or it will help you heal and improve for a future relationship that much sooner.

Do you promote a religious approach to marriage and affair recovery?

No. The Tribe is a non-religious group, and you do not need to adhere to any religious beliefs to heal and have a great relationship. At the same time, we fully support incorporating your religious or spiritual beliefs (whatever they may be) into your healing process, and we’ll help you do that if you wish.

Can you help my kids too?

Yes, but please know that due to the sensitive nature of the topics we’re discussing children are not allowed as members of the Tribe. And the best person to help your children through this difficult time is you. We will absolutely support you as a parent and share the best ways to talk about things with your children and help them, no matter what their age or circumstance.

How does the billing work?

When you join you’ll be charged $1 for the first week. After your first week you will be charged $37 for each month you choose to be a member. But don’t worry – we’ll let you know before we bill you for the first month! There are no hidden fees or extra costs. You can cancel your membership at any time, no questions asked.

Are there different membership "tiers" to the Tribe, like Basic Member or Premium Member?

No. Once you are a member you gain complete access to everything. We do not hide any part of your recovery needs from you.

What if I've already ended my relationship?

The pain of being cheated on doesn’t end just because the relationship with the cheater does. There’s a lot of healing that needs to happen before you can get into a healthy romantic relationship in the future. That’s what we’re here for. There are many people in the Tribe who have ended their relationships and find great value in the service we provide.

Can my cheating spouse / partner join the Tribe?

We find that it is often too much of a trigger for people who have been cheated on to interact with someone they know has cheated. While it can be useful to understand the cheater’s perspective (and we do discuss this in the Tribe), we encourage those who have cheated to join a group we have created specifically to support their unique journey. You can find that group here.

My situation is different than others. Can you still help?

Yes! Joshua has over 8 years experience working with affair situations of all types. Share your story with the Tribe and you will absolutely be supported. If you would like a private conversation with Joshua send him a message here and he will setup a time to talk with you.

Will other people be able to see that I'm in the Tribe?

No. We value your privacy and right to confidentiality. This is a secret group, and no one from the outside can see that you are a member.

I think my spouse / partner is cheating, but I don't know for sure. Can you help?

Yes! We will help you discover the truth, no matter what stage of the affair or recovery you are in. You don’t need special tracking apps or software either – we’ll show you the best way to find out what’s really happening.

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