The Affair Recovery Tribe

All healthy relationships start with clearly stated and defined expectations and boundaries (EBs). As a member of the Tribe you have joined a community of people who are dedicated to creating amazing and healthy relationships, whether that’s with an existing spouse or with someone new or even simply with themselves. We ask that you review these EB’s to have a clear understanding of what our Tribe is all about as we support you in that shared goal.

— Expectations and Boundaries for Affair Recovery Tribe Members —

Be active! Being passive with your recovery process will not help you heal. The more you engage, share, ask questions, and take action the more you will get out of your time here. As much as we love our members, we don’t want you to be here long-term. We want you to heal, we want you to become strong and whole once more, and then we hope that you move on to a new chapter of life unencumbered by the affair. And the fastest way to get there is to participate.

Be respectful! Please be aware that while the Tribe is dedicated to your recovery, this is NOT a place for unhealthy or destructive comments or behavior of any type. Any kind of high drama or disrespectful comments or behavior will be removed, and excessive violations may result in the termination of your membership and expulsion from the Tribe.

Be compassionate! To be clear, “healthy” conversation does not always mean “easy,” “pretty,” or “politically correct.” Affair recovery is an intensely emotional process, and we expect those emotions to be shared and expressed. We ask that you approach other members’ posts with an understanding attitude and be as supportive and positive as possible. If you feel a member is being excessively negative, please notify and ART admin and we will evaluate and address the situation appropriately.

Please refrain from discussing any issues not related to affair recovery within the Tribe. While affair recovery touches on several facets of life, topics such as general political discussions or comparison of religious beliefs (outside of their impact on relationships and infidelity) are not appropriate topics for this group.


— Harassment —

If you are harassed by any member of the Tribe, whether publicly or privately, please notify an ART admin immediately and include a screenshot or copy of the harassing behavior. Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

– Unwanted romantic or sexual advances

– Unwanted pictures or comments of an adult nature

– Threats or intimidation of any kind

– Name calling

– Shaming, blaming, guilt-tripping, etc.

– Unwanted pressure to take any action that you do not genuinely wish to take

Harassment of any sort may result in the immediate and unconditional expulsion of the offending member from the Tribe.


— Expulsion —

ART staff reserves the right to expel any member from the Tribe at any time and for any reason. Obviously we don’t want to do this! However, our primary goal is to build a thriving and healthy community dedicated to helping people heal from the trauma of being cheated on. Any behavior, comments, posts, or private messages to other Tribe members which are contrary to our standards of respectful dialogue are possible grounds for expulsion. At the sole discretion of ART staff, any actions deemed to be grounds for expulsion may first be addressed with the offending member privately, and that member may be given the opportunity to make amends and alter their behavior accordingly. Repeat instances of inappropriate behavior will result in the immediate expulsion of the member and termination of their membership.

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