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Dancing with Desire

Desire is one of the most fundamental driving forces that we have as humans. It is a powerful force that can totally blind you to the more “sensible” paths to being fulfilled, but is an absolutely necessary part of a happy life. So here are 3 insights to maintaining your healthy balance between being a responsible adult and a passionately fulfilled one.

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River of Romance

Recently I was having lunch with a lady friend, who told me that her boyfriend of three years had confessed that he hadn’t been giving either her or their relationship the attention it deserved. He vowed to do better and try harder, if only she would give him another chance. She had already made her decision to stay with this guy, so I asked, “What’s he going to do this time around to keep himself from falling back into his three year pattern of putting his career above his romance?”

She didn’t know, mainly because he wasn’t there to ask directly. But it gets to the core of one of the most common challenges of long-term relationships that aren’t going as well as the couple would like.

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