Has your romance cooled off over the years? Are you unsatisfied with your love life?

My unique assessment gives you real insights into why your relationship isn’t working for you. Learn how you sabotage or prevent the connection you desire, and what to do about it. This objective tool is a critical piece of creating real change in your romance that your friends and family simply cannot provide.

Based on over 25 years of research in the area of human potential and consciousness, the Intimacy Index numerically charts exactly how you show up in life and in your relationship. It pinpoints how you react to different situations and experiences, so you can identify your own limiting patterns and begin to break through them.

It’s quick. It’s easy. And it will completely change the way you approach your life.

Take the Intimacy Index, and reignite your fire now

Couples who take the Intimacy Index will receive their individual assessment debriefs, as well as a sneak peek into how the overall relationship itself measures up. You’ll see how your individual approaches to life and love are impacting your love life together.

The assessment cost includes the Intimacy Index assessment itself, as well as a 45 minute debrief.

Benefits of taking the Intimacy Index

  • Determine how “hot” your relationship really is, and see how exactly you continually create the same unfulfilling experiences over and over.
  • Get a clear picture of what’s holding you back from having the kind of deeply intimate connection that you want with your spouse or partner.
  • Create a clear action plan for spicing up your love life so that it lasts for the rest of your life.

Individual Assessment

Couple’s  Assessment ($50 off the price of two!) 

“The assessment debriefing helped me understand how my self-sabotaging tendencies affect my big goals at home and work. I’m a driven healthcare leader with 7 children; five still at home, and am blessed to have a stay-at-home husband that I’ve been married to for almost two decades.

As grateful as I am for my life, it also offers up relationship challenges as I master work/life harmony. Joshua provided me so much insight from a husband’s perspective that I never considered before, and knowledge that my girlfriends definitely don’t have any expertise in either.

To see my marriage flourish has tremendous value to me and I’d seriously pay whatever fee he charged; because an amazing marriage is my foundation for being a truly outstanding woman. Thanks Joshua!”

~ R. Browne, Louisville KY

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